Question: What Does Ellas Mean In Greek?

What does Greek OK mean?


Used in Greek.

The abbreviation is pronounced as the English okay.

A myth is erroneously circulated by some in Greece that ‘OK’ can be traced back to the Greek expression ‘Όλα Καλά’, which means ‘all is well’.


What does Sagapo mean in Greek?

I love youEnglish translation: I love you GLOSSARY ENTRY (DERIVED FROM QUESTION BELOW) Greek term or phrase: sagapo. English translation: I love you.

What does Endaxi mean in Greek?

“Endaxi”—or just “daxi”—means essentially, “It’s all okay, nothing to worry about.” In Greece, any dispute or misunderstanding at a restaurant or store can generally be resolved with “daxi”—let’s just not worry about it now.

What does Greek mean in sexually?

‘Greek love’ is sometimes used to refer to anal intercourse, and nowadays even, ‘doing it the Greek way’ still describes anal intercourse.

What does Nepo mean in Greek?

Usage notes. Nepo traditionally means a grandson, although it is not very uncommon anymore to hear it used in a gender-neutral sense.

What does Pusti mean in Greek?

Malaka means masturbator, but it can be lightly or jokingly used to call someone a jerk-off.

How do you compliment someone in Greek?

Here are the most common Greek compliments that can be used in a work environment:Greek: Μπράβο!Romanization: Brávo!Translation: “Bravo!”Example Situation: When you want to praise someone.Greek: Συγχαρητήρια!Romanization: Siharitíria!Translation: “Congratulations!”More items…•

What does Poli Kala mean in Greek?

very nicePoli kala as they say in Greek which means very nice.

What does the word Ella mean in Greek?

Posted by Ourania on in Vocabulary. One of the most common Greek words is έλα (ela). It is the imperative of the verb έρχομαι (erhomai, to come) and literally it means come (in the second singular person): “Έλα!

What does Yasu mean in Greek?

It is a multi-purpose term with a literal translation of “your health” in English and is used to wish good health upon a person. Sometimes, in informal settings like a casual bar, Greeks might also say “yassou” to make an informal toast in the same way Americans say “cheers.”

How do you say goodnight in Greek?

Kalinikta: Goodnight in Greek.

What does Skata mean in Greek?

skata – shit The literal translation for this word is “shit or scat”. This is where the English word for poop, scat, comes from (I think). A common phrase that uses this word is “σκατα να φας και πεθανεις” (skata na fas ke pethanees) which means “go eat shit and die”.

What is the meaning of Agapi Mou?

love or my loveΑγάπη μου (agapi mou)= love or my love.

What does the Greek word Parakalo mean?

You’re welcomeWhen meeting any Greek, it is always appropriate to say Yia sas (Γειά σας) which means ‘Hello’. On the flip side, when saying Goodbye we also say Yia sas. To thank somebody you would say Efharisto (Ευχαριστώ). To say ‘You’re welcome’ you would say Parakalo (Παρακαλώ), which also happens to mean ‘Please’.

What does Moro mean in Greek?

Originally Answered: What does Moro mean in Greek? “Moro” means “baby”.

How do you respond to kalimera in Greek?

You may combine kalimera (or hear it combined) with “yassas,” which is a respectful form of greeting by itself meaning “hello.” Yasou is the more casual form, but if you’re encountering someone older than you or in a position of authority, use yassas as a formal greeting.

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