Question: What Is The Best Way To Drink Ouzo?

What does ouzo smell like?

Like any other anise-flavored spirit, if you add a little water to ouzo, it’ll get milky.

That’s called louching, or the ouzo effect.

Ouzo is full of lip-smacking flavors (like fennel, coriander, and cloves), so much so that it delivers quite a taste punch..

What do you mix with ouzo?

Some good flavors to mix ouzo with are citrus juices, cranberry juice, banana, and mint. Try some experimentation, just remember that ouzo has a very strong licorice flavor, so pair flavors accordingly.

What’s the difference between ouzo and Sambuca?

The main difference between Ouzo and Sambuca is that the Ouzo is a anis drink and Sambuca is a Italian anise-flavoured liqueur. … Its taste is similar to other anise liquors like pastis and sambuca. Other spirits of the region may or may not include anise: arak, rakı, and mastika.

Do you drink ouzo before or after dinner?

Don’t drink ouzo as an aperitif (before dinner), a digestif (after dinner), or during dinner. The taste doesn’t complement traditional Greek entrees. With meals, the Greeks drink either wine, beer, or soft drinks, and always, bottled table water. 7.

Is Ouzo good for your stomach?

In addition to sipping on ouzo along with mezes, the national drink of Greece has healing properties as well. It is known to ease an upset stomach, relieve a headache, and alleviate teething pains in infants. The terpenes in ouzo have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant activity protecting cells from disease.

What do you say when drinking ouzo?

Take home a bottle of ouzo and say, “Ya mas” with a glass of the national drink of Greece on ice!

Can you buy ouzo in the US?

All about ouzo Mostly produced on the island of Lesvos, ouzo goes by the name of ouzo Mytilini locally. … You can find well-known brands such as Romios Ouzo all over the U.S.

Does ouzo go bad?

The shelf life of ouzo is indefinite, but if ouzo develops an off odor, flavor or appearance, it should be discarded for quality purposes.

What grain is ouzo made from?

Ouzo is a product of the Greek soil that consists of pure ethyl alcohol that may be made from either grape or grain and then distilled with aniseed. Licorice-flavoured beverages are found throughout the eastern and central Mediterranean because of its particular climatological and geological conditions.

Can you drink ouzo with Coke?

Ouzo And Cola is extremely pleasant above average cocktail at 1 standard drinks. … Just pack ice into glass then add ouzo and top with cola soda and served in a highball glass cold.

What is the best ouzo?

Top 10 Best Ouzo BrandsMetaxa Ouzo. General Info. … Ouzo Of Plomari. General Info. … Think Green Organic Ouzo. General Info. … Babatzim Ouzo. General Info. … Thalassa Ouzo. General Info. … Ouzo Jivaeri. General Info. … Ouzo Tirnavos. General Info. Distiller – Katsaros Distillery. … Ouzo Kazanisto. General Info. Distiller – Stoupakis Distillery.More items…

Does ouzo make you drunk?

Or, pour a small amount of ouzo into a glass, neat, then add a splash of very cold water in lieu of ice. 3. Don’t do ouzo shots! This is defeating the whole purpose, and the resulting drunk will be the worst you’ve ever experienced – not to mention producing the most vicious hangover ever.

When should I drink ouzo?

In other countries it is tradition to have ouzo in authentic Greek restaurants as an aperitif, served in a shot glass and deeply chilled before the meal is started. No water or ice is added but the drink is served very cold, enough to make some crystals form in the drink as it is served.

Is Metaxa a cognac or brandy?

Although it was first compared to Cognac, and later to brandy, Metaxa is not classified in either of these spirit categories due to the presence of the Muscat wines and the Mediterranean botanicals.

Is Ouzo similar to raki?

So are ouzo and raki the same? Not quite, like sambuca, absinthe and Pernod they are anise-flavoured distillates each originating in a different country. … Several, including ouzo and raki, when mixed with water turn a milky color. Raki is generally much stronger (up to 90% alcohol) than ouzo (usually 35-45%.)