Quick Answer: Are Lincoln LS Reliable Cars?

What is a 2005 Lincoln LS worth?

2005 Lincoln LS Value – $938-$5,296 | Edmunds..

Is a 2000 Lincoln LS a good car?

The car is certainly a great looking vehicle with excellent appearance and comfort. They have a good safety rating and the 50/50 weight distribution means they handle well. Power from the V8 is more than adequate.

Is 2004 Lincoln LS a good car?

Driving the Lincoln LS is more than pleasant. It’s quiet and offers an excellent balance of crisp handling and a smooth ride. The suspension is tuned more like a Mercedes than a Lincoln. In many situations, it feels as good as a European sedan.

Is Lincoln a good car brand?

The Lincoln MKC and MKX crossover SUVs are both legitimate luxury vehicles that seem well worth their price tags. They look good, sound good and drive nicely. I also recently spent time in the new Lincoln MKZ. … But it does mean that Lincoln, once again, is a luxury brand worth taking seriously.

What is the fastest Lincoln?

0-60 mph StandingsRankYearModel12010MKS EcoBoost22018Navigator 4×4 Black Label32007MKZ41993Mark VIII6 more rows

What is the value of a 2004 Lincoln LS?

2004 Lincoln LS Value – $928-$5,288 | Edmunds.

How much is a 2002 Lincoln LS worth?

2002 Lincoln LS Value – $671-$3,417 | Edmunds.

When did they stop making Lincoln LS?

2002In spite of this, Lincoln stopped production of the manual-transmission model LS after 2002 due to low sales figures; only 2,331 were produced.

Is a 2002 Lincoln LS a good car?

Confident steering and handling, choice of either a V6 or V8 engine, comfortable and roomy interior, clean exterior design. Acute lack of interior storage space, V8’s transmission isn’t as good as expected, questionable build quality.

What is a 2000 Lincoln LS worth?

2000 Lincoln LS Value – $481-$2,307 | Edmunds.