Quick Answer: Is Halfords Car Service Any Good?

What’s the difference between an interim service and a full service?

Difference between an interim and full service An interim service is a detailed check of your cars moving parts that is recommended every 6,000 miles or every 6,000 months.

A full service will then perform additional checks on parts that need to be checked or replace after 12,000 miles or every year..

Who is Halfords owned by?

Halfords AutocentreTypePrivateOperating income£7.5m (2009)Number of employees1500ParentHalfords (since 2010)Websitewww.halfordsautocentres.com10 more rows

How do I know when my car needs servicing?

Five signs your car needs a serviceEngine warning light. Most modern cars are good at telling you when your car needs to be looked at. … Strange noises. Any new noises coming from your car should be checked out before they develop into serious problems. … Smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet. … Vibrating or pulling under braking. … Reduced ride comfort.

How much should a car service cost UK?

How much does a car service cost? The average cost of a basic car service is around £125. But, you will probably be able to get it cheaper than this if you shop around. However, this does not include the cost of any repairs, replacements or new parts.

What is included in a full service?

A full service is a yearly check of your vehicle’s engine oil, oil filter and air filter as well as a whole host of other visual checks to make sure your car isn’t developing any excessive wear and tear. … If you’re a high-mileage driver, book a full service every 12,000 miles if that interval comes first.

Is Halfords in financial trouble?

Profits slump at Halfords The company blamed weak consumer confidence, unhelpful weather and investment in the business. Halfords kept its guidance for profit in its new financial year to be broadly in line with 2018-19, though it cautioned the current economic environment and consumer confidence remained challenging.

Are Halfords good for servicing?

Highly trained technicians at over 300 Halfords Autocentres carry out MOTs, car servicing and repairs for over 850,000 customers a year- with more than 9 out of 10 of them being happy to recommend us to their friends.

What is included in a full service at Halfords?

Car RepairsFREE 5 point car check.Paints & Body Repair.Batteries.Brakes.Air Conditioning.Windscreen Treatment.Car Checks.Engine Servicing.More items…

Is Halfords closing down?

Halfords has confirmed plans to close up to 60 stores and garages by April, as it accelerates its plans to withdraw from one in 10 of its sites. The cycle and car parts retailer said it hoped to move staff to other branches, but the closures could lead to hundreds of job losses.

Do I need a full service every year?

Generally, your car should be serviced once a year or every 10,000-12,000 miles. A full service is highly recommended although if the vehicle is regularly serviced then a basic service will help to keep it running smoothly and hassle free.

Is Tredz owned by Halfords?

The joint business of Tredz and Wheelies of Wales has been acquired by Halfords. Founded and owned by brothers Keith and Michael Jones the bike shop and insurance replacement business employs 250 people.

Should I do mot and service together?

‘So, when booking the two together, you should always request that the MOT is done first so that there is less work to carry out on the service. ‘While we know that not every single car will require work at every service or MOT, there’s a good proportion of motorists who are needlessly doubling up on costs.

Do Halfords use genuine parts?

Thanks to block exemption legislation which was introduced in 2003, Halfords Autocentres is able to service your car and protect your warranty, this is because we only use either genuine Toyota or OE (Original Equipment) parts.

How much is a Kwik Fit service?

Service PricingEngine Size0cc-1400cc2001cc-3000ccInterim Service Plus MOTfrom £99.00from £142.00Full Servicefrom £150.00from £193.00Full Service Plus MOTfrom £175.00from £218.003 more rows

How long does an MOT take at Halfords?

between 45 and 60 minutesHow long does an MOT take ? Typically an MOT test will take between 45 and 60 minutes. You can leave your car with us and we’ll give you a call when your vehicle is ready.

How long does a service and MOT take at Halfords?

Typically an MOT test will take between 45 and 60 minutes. If you would like to wait at the autocentre while we complete your car’s MOT test, you’re more than welcome to watch your vehicle from the MOT viewing area, or wait for the test to be complete from our autocentre reception.

What’s the difference between a full service and a major service?

A major service is one of the most important services that your car will receive, it is essentially a complete overall check of the vehicle. … Everything included in a full service is in a major car service plus even more in-depth checks, spark plugs changed, brake fluid, suspension and fuel filters.

How long does a full service take?

Typically, a car service should take no longer than three hours to complete. Of course, an interim service will take less time to complete than a full service. A major service will take longer than both.