Quick Answer: What Is Boligrafo In Spanish?

Is estudiante male or female?

Yes, you can.

La estudiante does mean the female student and el estudiante means the male student..

What is the female version of Amigo?

Despite the feminine and masculine labels inherent in the language, when nouns describing people are pluralised, the picture gets a little more complicated. Let’s take the example of ‘amigo,’ or friend. One male friend is amigo, two male friends are amigos. One female friend is amiga, two female friends are amigas.

What does Hora mean?

hora in American English 1. a lively Romanian and Israeli folk dance performed in a circle. 2. music for this dance. Word origin.

Is La Puerta masculine or feminine?

To say “the” when referring to a singular item that is considered a feminine word, for example, the word “door” in Spanish is considered a feminine word, puerta.

How do you say pen in Mexico?

Although “boligrafo” is the most commonly used word, “pluma” is also good and can be used to refer to a pen.

Do adjectives have gender in Spanish?

In Spanish, adjectives must agree with the noun (or pronoun) they describe in gender and in number. This means that if the noun an adjective describes is feminine, the adjective must be feminine, and if that same noun is also plural, the adjective will be feminine AND plural as well.

How do you say boligrafo In Spanish?

bolígrafoSpanishDict Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) boh. – lee. – grah. – foh.International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) bo. – li. – ɣɾa. – fo.Spanish Alphabet (ABC) bo. – lí – gɾa. – fo.

What is the difference between Pluma and boligrafo?

Boligrafo is like a ball point pen and pluma is your general pen but both are pens. … “Pluma” can mean feather or pen. Because of this, “pluma” usually refers to a feather pen from way-back-when. “Bolígrafo”, also known as “bolí” usually refers to a ballpoint pen.

Is boligrafo masculine or feminine?

In Spanish, pluma is feminine, while bolígrafo is masculine.

What is OD Spanish?

noun = overdose. sobredosis f. intransitive verb. 1. ( literal) tomar una sobredosis.

Is Lápiz El or LA?

Answer and Explanation: Lápiz is gendered masculine in Spansh, so the definite article is el and the indefinite article is un.

Is cuaderno El or LA?

Answer and Explanation: The Spanish word cuaderno (pronounced: kwah-DEHR-noh) means ‘notebook. ‘ It’s a masculine noun, so we say el cuaderno (the notebook) or un cuaderno (a…