Quick Answer: What Is The Best Honda Odyssey Model?

What is the difference between an LX and EX Honda Odyssey?

The LX trim model only has seating for seven people, while the EX has seating for eight passengers.

The EX comes standard with a power driver seat, which adjust eight ways and has an adjustable manual lumbar support..

What is the best minivan for the money?

4 Best Minivans for the Money in 20202020 Kia Sedona.2020 Honda Odyssey.2020 Chrysler Pacifica.2020 Toyota Sienna.

What is the best minivan to buy 2020?

Best New Minivans and Vans of 2020Chrysler Pacifica. At the top of the minivan heap is the 2020 Pacifica, which excelled in much of our testing and is competitive with its rivals in other tests. … Honda Odyssey. Honda. … Mercedes-Benz Metris. … Ford Transit Connect. … Ford Transit. … Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. … Toyota Sienna.

What is wrong with Honda Odyssey?

The Honda Odyssey has a history of transmission problems According to Consumer Reports, there is one pesky little recall already out for the 2020 Odyssey–actually 2018-2020 models. There is a wiring issue in the third row and several Odysseys have caught fire. No injuries have been reported per Consumer Reports.

What is the roomiest minivan?

1) 2017 Chrysler Pacifica It offers 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third-row seats, 87.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row, and 140.5 cubic feet behind the first row.

What is the best Honda Odyssey?

Honda Odyssey Elite The top-of-the-line Elite model (MSRP: $47,420) adds ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, an 11-speaker sound system, and wireless device charging. Check out our U.S. News Best Price Program for great savings at your local Honda dealer.

What does EXL stand for?

EXLAcronymDefinitionEXLExtended LearningEXLEthernet AcceleratorEXLExtradition Limitation (NCIC form datum)EXLExpiration Notice (insurance)2 more rows

Should I buy new or used Honda Odyssey?

Used Honda Odysseys Are More Expensive Than New Honda Odysseys. Fast forward to today and I’ve come across a very similar issue where new cars are cheaper. … Based on the preliminary research we’ve done, buying a used Honda Odyssey would actually be more expensive in the long run than buying a brand new Honda Odyssey.

What is the best year Honda Odyssey to buy?

Honda Odyssey: Why You Should Never Buy a 2002 or 2005. The Honda Odyssey is considered a reliable and quality family van. It’s one that drivers tend to hold on to for years.

How many miles will a Honda Odyssey last?

The only minivan among iSeeCars.com’s list of the 14 longest-lasting vehicles, 2.3% of all Honda Odysseys have been driven for at least 200,000 miles of pure family fun.

What’s the difference between Honda EX and EXL?

What Is the Difference Between the Accord EX and EX-L? Ultimately, the Accord EX-L offers the same upgrades as the EX with a few additional luxury touches. The EX-L features leather-trimmed seats and a 10-speaker stereo system with subwoofers, whereas the EX offers neither of these features.

What years did Honda Odyssey have transmission problems?

The Honda Odyssey has experienced transmission problems in various years, from 1999-2004, 2014-2015 models, and 2018. We will begin with discussing the Honda Odyssey transmission problems by year, and the average cost to fix the problems. The 1999 Honda Odyssey is when the transmission problems began.

What minivan lasts the longest?

Longest-lasting minivansHonda Odyssey, 2.5 percent.Toyota Sienna, 1.8 percent.

Which minivan has less problems?

The 2020 Toyota Sienna Toyota’s history for reliability precedes the 2020 Sienna. The Toyota Sienna earned the highest overall rating from CR for minivans. With an overall score of 78, the 2020 Toyota Sienna is the most reliable, best-rated overall 2020 minivan.

What are the different Honda Odyssey models?

The 2021 Honda Odyssey comes in five trims: LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, and Elite. All models come standard with a 280-horsepower V6 engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission, and front-wheel drive. The base trim seats seven people and all other trims seat eight.

Is the Honda Odyssey a good car?

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan that enjoys a cushy reputation. It’s a vehicle for the whole crew that offers loads of features, loads of cupholders, and Honda reliability. … Starting at $30,790 – $47,420, the 2020 Honda Odyssey is a popular choice for families. But CR only gave it a 2 out of 5 for predicted reliability.

Is Honda Odyssey Elite worth the money?

Elite. Naturally, the 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite will be the most luxurious and most expensive option. It starts at $47,070 and is definitely worth the money. Drivers will be happy to know that the Odyssey Elite adds acoustic glass on the sliding door windows to greatly reduce outside noise.

What is the difference between Honda Odyssey EX L and Touring?

While the EX-L comes with the standard 9-speed automatic transmission, the Touring and Elite trim levels feature a 10-speed automatic transmission. All three of these models are capable of achieving up to 19 city / 28 highway / 22 combined MPG* for an affordable driving experience.