Quick Answer: What Is Titan Travel?

Is Titan Travel in trouble?

Over-50s insurer Saga is said to have halted the sale of one of its travel businesses as the coronavirus outbreak sparks chaos across the tourism industry..

Who owns Titan Travel?

Acromas HoldingsAcromas Holdings, the group that owns Saga, acquired Titan Travel on Tuesday (October 6) for an undisclosed sum. Titan Travel will retain its brand identity and continue to trade from its current base in Redhill, Surrey.

Is Titan travel part of Saga?

Titan Travel: A SAGA Company Fast-forward a few decades and Titan had become one of the leading names in the escorted holiday industry. In 2009, we became part of the SAGA Travel Group, starting an exciting new chapter in the Titan story.

Is Titan Travel for sale?

The head of Saga’s travel divisions has confirmed there are no immediate plans to sell its Titan and Destinology brands.

Which airline do Newmarket Holidays use?

If your holiday is flying with Air Transat, we will be able to help with pre-booking your seats at a charge that will vary depending on the seats required. Airlines operating UK Domestic and European routes will allocate your seats when you check in, and so we are not able to pre-book seats on their flights.