Which Camaro Trim Is The Best?

Is an LT or LS better?

Put simply, the LT is a trim above the LS in virtually all Chevy models.

And, while we are proud of our LS offerings, if you’re looking for a Chevy that’s a cut above the rest, then LT trims are often your best bet..

Do Camaros hold their value?

Yes they do maintain, they don’t appreciate as much as some other cars, but they are a safe bet to not lose money at current values. Currently there are very few cars that hold their value well. One of the reasons being the initial over inflated new car prices.

Is buying a Camaro worth it?

Because the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro comes loaded with such a great number of features, it’s an excellent choice for the sports car fans who are on a budget. Top-notch safety scores also make the Camaro a good car for first-time performance car owners.

What does the RS package include on the Camaro?

The RS Package adds a different set of 20-inch wheels, a spoiler, high-intensity discharge headlights, LED tail lights, and a different unique grille. It can be further enhanced with an RS Interior Package adding RS logos to the inside of the car.

What does RS mean on a Camaro?

Rally SportThe Camaro RS package harkens back to the first-generation Camaro, which was also offered with an optional RS package. The letters stand for “Rally Sport,” and like the original, the modern Camaro RS package offers unique styling upgrades for the sixth-gen sports car, including: Dark tint LED tail lamps.

What year Camaro is best to buy?

The Best Camaros Of All-Time2002 35th Anniversary Camaro. … 1985 Camaro IROC-Z. … 1968 Camaro Z/28. … 1970 Camaro SS. … 1967 Camaro. … 1973 Camaro Z/28. … 1969 Yenko/SC Camaro. The Yenko Camaro has taken on mythic status among car aficionados. … 1969 Camaro. The 1969 Camaro is hands down the most popular of all-time.More items…

What is the difference between 2lt and 3lt Camaro?

One of the largest differences between the 2LT and 3LT is that the latter comes with the V6 3.6-liter engine as standard rather than including it as an optional upgrade. As a result, the majority of drivers will be able to take advantage of quite a significant amount of power without having to part with too much money.

Is the Camaro SS or RS faster?

The Camaro SS is faster than the RS. Even previous generation SS Camaros punched out between 420 and 450 horsepower. The RS punches out anywhere between 310 and 335 horsepower. … The Camaro RS has the 3.6 liter V6 engine while the SS has the 6.2 liter V8.

Is zl1 wider than SS?

I did a quick look with a tape measure on track width (outside of tire) and found my ZL1 to be roughly 3″ wider than a standard SS.

What are the trim levels for a Camaro?

2019 Chevy Camaro Trim Differences near Evanston, IL2019 Chevy Camaro 1LS. Starting at $25,995 MSRP. … 2019 Chevy Camaro 1LT. Starting at $26,495 MSRP. … 2019 Chevy Camaro 2LT. Starting at $28,495 MSRP. … 2019 Chevy Camaro 3LT. Starting at $31,995 MSRP. … 2019 Chevy Camaro 1SS. … 2019 Chevy Camaro 2SS. … 2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1.

What’s the difference between the Camaro 1lt and 2lt?

The 1LT provides single-zone semi-automatic climate control, while the 2LT includes dual-zone automatic climate control. Expect heated and ventilated front seats on the 2LT, but not on the 1LT. Leather seat trim is included with the 2LT and cloth seat trim is provided with the 1LT.

Do Camaros have alot of problems?

Like most older model vehicles, the Camaro tends to have some problems, but luckily most of them aren’t too serious.